With over 20 years experience inthe industry, co-ordinator Chris Kemp is the right person for you next job.

Whether it's a feature film, TVC, TV series or a student film, you will be sure to get a great service. With an easy going, can-do attitude, Chris is sure to work in well with all involved.

Chris had gained much experience in this ever changing industry, having worked and trained estensively in both in Australia and the USA. He has worked with industry greats such as Jackie Chan, where his vast martial arts background came in handy. 

He has a wide range of up-to-date and well maintained stunt equipement, and is constantly researching new possibilities to help him keep ahead of the game.

Chris has worked with, or doubled for:

  • Nicholas Cage

  • Heath Ledger

  • Margot Robbie

  • Armand Assante

  • Rob Lowe

  • Jack Thompson

  • Chris Lilley

  • Gil Bellows

  • Brandon Routh

  • John Jarratt

  • Stuart Townsend

  • Aaliyah

  • Oliver Ackland

  • Josh Hellman

  • Rose McIver

  • James Nesbitt

  • Richard Roxburgh

Visit our other pages, or contact Chris by phone 0414425796 or email.