As a qualified Cert lV Trainer and Assessor and with over 20 years experience in the industry, Chris is more than qualified to teach new and graded stunt performers in most areas of the ever changing and demanding stunt industry.

Chris runs regular weekly training sessions which are suitable for both, those wishing to enter the stunt industry with minimal or no experience, and those wishing to maintain and upgrade their skill base.

Chris covers skill areas such as break falls, mini tramp work, fights and heights, which are all necessary for those wishing to get graded in the Australian Stunt Industry through the MEAA grading procedure. He also does specialty days which cover topics ranging from and including fire, rigging, air rams and ratchet rams, car knockdowns-evasions and exits, water (including boats) and special effects & fire arms (specialist instructors involved). Chris also utilises other stunt co-ordinators and specialists to teach specialist days which helps him maintain a high standard of skills for those participating.

For any further information or for those wishing to become involved, please contact us by either email: or by phoning +61 414425796.